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This movie was actually amusing. I enjoyed it alot. Keep it up!


This was a great tribute to the madness flashes by krinkels. The music fitted in quite well and it didn't look exactly like the authentic madness movies, god knows who else on this earth besides Krinkels could actually make a flash with such choreograohy. But good job. If you don't believe me, look at madness avenger. Notice how our hero will duck something thats being thrown at him, and then throw it back. But it is animated with such flow... I'm getting off track. Good job on the tribute. Better voice acting and sounds that file in with the movie. Ie: Have a shotgun blast when the shotgun is FIRED, not a second later. Little things like this make or break your movie. Kepp it up though.


See. Krinkels truly is a genius. He really is. You made a cartoon, it was fairly amusing. But nothing can FLOW like the fists in his movies, the dead bodies falling to the ground after being shot, and just the overall FEEL. But whats with the COLOUR?!?! Madness is MADE to be in black and white, that is one of it's most significant aspects! I believe Krinkels got the idea for that from a particular director I can't place a name on at the moment. All and all, Good job. Just remember. NOTHING CAN COME CLOSE TO HIS CARTOONS!

toxicbomb responds:

Of course, Madness Combat cannot be completely cloned by another animator, but hey... WE CAN DREAM! lol Thanks for watching :)

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Very good game. I love the genre, and the gameplay was sweet! The only thing I found wrong with this game is that you couldn't dodge enemies, (Ei: If you jumped over a slug or child, the could still get you. The backrounds were what really got me in this one. I don't know why, but they SERIOUSLY creep me out. I'm not sure why. It's like the tone of the colours (obviosly not drawn in flash, but I could be mistaken.) Great job, can't wait for part 2.


The game was nice. It could use some powerups and possibly a faster ball. Kept me occupied for 3 minutes.


I downloaded the downloadable version, and I'M HOOKED! ALL of IT IS AWESOME! I love the ChEaTs! It is truly genuis, in itself, simply becuase you have done something never done on NGs, A BLACK AND WHITE KILLJOY GAME! It's Great, And I'D LOVE TO BUY A T-SHIRT, But the link is no longer under operation. PLEASE EMAIL ME! "PHUNSPRAYER@HOTMAIL.COM" I can imagine how effing long it took make that game as a fellow artist. Thank you for Such A Stupendus game!

(Just some friendly suggestions for your next one (Can't Wait): Make things off the ground able to stand on: IE the lamp in the Jesus room. MAKE IT HARDER! There is no life limit! But although it does add to cheats.) Keep up the work

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